Everyone suffers. Throughout our lives on earth, we deal with hardships, circumstances, and events that leave us wounded, bleeding, confused, and damaged. In the midst of these times, we have a choice of whether or not we surrender it to Jesus or try to make it on our own. Sometimes the fiery ordeal is caused by outside influences and sometimes by inner forces. Either way, disciples of Christ must learn to walk in the midst of the fire, with Jesus, while growing in holiness and actively engaged in mission. How does the Lord heal us? How can He bring good out of the suffering especially surrounding our evangelistic efforts? How can the saints speak so fondly of suffering and see it as a tremendous blessing? Let’s dive into the Word of God to seek answers to these questions. We are a community on the move, yet often the community is hurting, so let’s take the time to look at suffering, persecution, pain, and the ‘furnace of humiliation’ and together decide to remain His disciples.

Calling all young-ish adults (20/30s, married, single, with our without kids) to join us as we dive into these topics and grow together as disciples!

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